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What’s the biggest size ukulele i can buy?

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How does it sound?

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How big ukulele should i buy?

This is a very subjective question but it depends on many factors such as the quality of the instrument, its tone, the sound and feel of the instrument and the size of the bowl and string.

I believe in buying the biggest ukulele you can afford as soon as you can afford it as it might be much better than if you bought it later on and it doesn’t sound as good as it did then.

If you are into the traditional playing style of the past like classical guitar and guitar, you probably want a small ukulele as a way of taking your musical abilities away from the big instruments.

If you are playing rock songs with a jazz tone, you may want the largest ukulele to play in a good musical way without being too busy on your hands.

Here are a few of the bigger sizes that come in large ukulele bowl sizes:

The most popular ukulele

I believe that the most popular and best sized ukulele is the D.Y.C.L., but it varies a lot from country to country.

It may be smaller than the ukulele listed below which is a 9 inch ukulele.

What do you think of the most popular sized ukulele?

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