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A ukulele is a single string instrument that is made around the same time as the violin, the guitar, and the cello.

The ukulele, which was invented in London over 1,000 years ago, is a unique instrument with its own unique sound. In the late 1800s, many ukulele manufacturers started playing up their ukuleles’ woody and mellow sounds. In the early 20th century, many ukulele makers began adding an upright bass (a double bass with a bassoon) which gave musicians a larger range of sounds and created a more musical presentation.

The ukulele has a low-pitched, low-treble sound which is used for its distinct low-end. However, that doesn’t mean ukuleles are not well heard. Since the early 1900s, the U.S. government and some major cities have banned ukulele bans because the instrument can be used by a wide range of people – from rock bands to professional performers like the ukulele clarinetist Dyan Cannon. In the early 19th century, ukulele players who took part in public performances and were considered “professional” also were required to pass a barber’s exam, which included a test on intonation.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption One of the most popular movies in France is one of the movies on the biggest list

The French government is preparing a new list of films banned in France, a week before a crucial election.

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The list is to be published in the coming days after a two-year inquiry by the Council of State. It must be approved by parliament.

The list will cover any French film which has been screened without a license, has failed to get into a national cinemas list and is likely to be withdrawn from a selection of state-owned media or restricted to a “small group”.

The list contains more than 100 films that many people consider obscene, offensive, or even the work of “hate speech”, the French newspaper Le Monde reports.

Some of the films on the list are banned because they offend “traditional values”, Le Monde says, with the films being “the result of a political or religious agenda”.

Le Monde says the list was designed to allow films with “an image of a violent anti-social act” – such as war film Seven Days – to be

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