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You don’t have to spend hours researching it because we have the best website on the web, ukulele_info.com. We’re sure to have one of the earliest listings of middle C anywhere – but if you’re looking for it, you can start by browsing our entire list and see what people know.
The following link to the mid C listings can give you some idea of what it’s like to own an Ukulele with a range of middle C’s or mid C’s, if you want to find out more.
All information was obtained from the most authoritative source on Ukulele mid C’s and mid C’s, the Ukulele Info website.
The following is also a good place to start – but it’s an easy to find listing, not too detailed, and is about a 50 page list of all the different Mid C scales. You may want to start from there, for more in-depth information about the range and some specific features.
There are also some other websites which have a more detailed or more useful listing – if you want in-depth information on a particular scale, for example –

or on a particular instrument,
or on a particular style,
or on a particular style and era
or even on an individual instrument.
Or how about picking between an ancient and an modern sound, or between a low and a high, or a heavy and a light, a full and a half
or a little thin, a little thick, or a little thick and a lot, or if you’re looking for something that is really thick and chunky – and they have a lot of great listings, in fact!
They have their own Ukulele Tuning Database,
for any ukulele, so you can find out how to find and set the tunings for it.
If you want to find out how best to use your ukulele , I have also written a guide to finding the best ukulele tuner for you at www.ukuleletuner.com
I have written another guide to tunming the ukulele, if you’re interested in how to use ukuleles and want to know what’s going on, how to set the tunings, and how to find the perfect tunings.
I have also written a guide for players, that will help you find a ukulele tuner, that will also set up ukulele tuners automatically for you, and

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