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Most musicians, including myself, begin by practicing their instruments with a guitar, bass and drums. As a band, we have a lot of freedom of choice with a lot of different instruments at our disposal. The most difficult instrument you’ll face in your career will not necessarily be the hardest instrument you’ll face at home or with your band. It would be a very subjective test.

Which instrument is easiest to learn?

There’s no one right instrument for anyone, and if there are, I guess it depends on what your goals are in life. Some musicians would like to play jazz and classical, while others would like to play bass.

A quick search on YouTube for “bass solo” gives you an idea of the type of music some musicians prefer. What would you recommend players try out or learn in order to broaden their arsenal?

It all depends on where they’re trying to go, what they’re looking to achieve and how they’re motivated. You can’t say that a classical bassist can’t become a jazz bassist or a jazz bassist can’t become a classical bassist. To put it simply, the way you play is the way you learn. My advice to people who want to be a bassist is to do the most you can with what you have. The more you can use your instruments and learn the technical techniques, the easier it would be for you to become one.

In terms of other instruments, I would suggest anyone aspiring to be a musician start with piano, because it will be easier for anyone to learn and is a great foundation to build on afterwards. For violin, think guitar-based, because it’s less complex. You can learn a lot on that instrument, and get to know a lot of your instrument in a good environment.

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What do you like about being a musician at a young age?

I love learning a lot. I remember the first time I got a computer or other electronic gadget and that was a big thrill. I enjoyed that stuff so much I can’t say I’m ever going to stop playing them. Music isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. You go to places where you can play anything you want. I loved working as a musician.

For a while your instrument choice could indicate your musical career. Can you say that it is no longer important in your life?

In my case it is. Now, having a family can make you question your musical choices and how they help you

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