Which is harder piano or guitar? – Guitar And Ukulele Songs

One-handed, it is still easier. A solo is harder when you play one note at a time. In my opinion, guitar solos are usually easier than pianos, and it is often the case that you are playing a few notes at the same time. One hand will be forced to concentrate on multiple notes during a solo, causing it to feel more “effort-like” than a one-handed jazz pianist. I like to think of it like taking your own piano apart and putting it back together again; it would all sound great if it was one-handed, but the problem is that you have to go through a process where you remove all the pieces to get back an original instrument. In my opinion, piano solos are probably the most boring to play in terms of physical exertion.

Can I play with a second-hand guitar?

No, this is a bad idea. If you use a piece (like “You’re My Hero”) that does not have a written key on it (such as a C or D) the guitar that accompanied the solo will likely have a wrong pitch. If you use a stringed instrument like a harp that does have a written scale on it, then a second-hand guitar is fine. But, for a more “standard” instrument such as a bass (or a stringed), a second-hand guitar is a lot of hard work trying to learn scales on a second-hand instrument. Not to mention learning to play all the chords.

What’s the best way to learn jazz piano?

My personal recommendation is my version of Piano Jazz. If you do not have piano lessons at the moment, you can download a free mp3 recording of this and listen through a second-hand or live version with your guitar. This is a great way to get a good vibe out of your piano to really get a feel for playing the piano.

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