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SINGAPORE – An elderly woman has died following a serious car crash in the Marina Bay Sands early on Friday afternoon (Oct 26).

The crash happened at about 2.40pm, when she was travelling in a motorised scooter with her father and two sisters under the age of 75, said the road safety bureau (RSB).

“There have been a number of casualties,” RSB traffic division chief Mee Foon Hean told The Straits Times. “There are two females injured and are receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.”

Reports indicated that the woman was crossing at a traffic light in a yellow car, when a Mercedes rear-ended her scooter, breaking both front and back windscreens, said RSB.

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While two of the women suffered minor injuries, the other two had serious injuries.

The incident caused traffic jams on Marina Bay Road and the Marina Bay Drive.

The two scooters were driven by 58-year-old Pham Dinh Nguyen and 61-year-old Nguyen Thi Hai, who were both uninjured.

Both women had reportedly driven past the accident scene in a yellow scooter.

Nguyen told The Straits Times before the crash that the two men had been driving near the Marina Bay Sands at the same time as her.

She added that both her daughters, ages 15 and 16, heard noises that would have suggested a crash when they passed by.

Pham’s family has also contacted the National Police Agency (NPA), the accident report and the NPA, to determine what led up to her demise, said Pham’s father, Chia Nguen Nguyen.

“We had been worried about my daughter’s safety for a long time,” he said.

He added: “We are grateful that she is safe and stable. She will be with us in heaven.”

Another relative, Phuoc Tuyen, said she had received a call from her aunt on Tuesday to inform her that her sister-in-law had been shot dead in MRT2. She had asked her to stay in the company of her son-in-law and two daughters because of her fear of her daughter-in-law.

Pham, who was a member of the Singapore

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