Who is the most famous ukulele player? – Best Way To Learn Songs On Ukulele

John McLaughlin is best known for playing the ukulele in “The Sopranos”. He is also known for the Ukelele in “The Wire” and for making a cameo appearance in “The Hangover”. He also has a line from the movie “The King of Queens” in his collection, “I’m a big ol’ ukulele player, I can just play any chord.”

The most famous ukulele players in general

The ukulele player who is the most famous would probably have to be John McLaughlin. He is well known mainly for the Ukelele (played in the movie “The Sopranos”). He also does guest stars in many movies including “The Hangover”, “The Expendables 2”, “The Hangover Part 2” and “The Hangover Part 3”.

“The Wire” character David Simon also had a huge connection to the ukulele as in his series he used a ukulele to explain his decision from the series to have the murder of his girlfriend in “The Wire”.

“The Hangover Part 1” is a popular movie series starring a lot of big stars where they play a series of movie or tv shows.

“The Wire” actress Lauren Holly plays an alcoholic who decides to get help for her alcohol problem. She plays the violin.

Here is a quick video to explain the ukulele. It makes sense because the ukulele is the instrument that everyone is familiar with.


“The Sopranos” star Tony Soprano is known for playing the ukulele.

“The Hangover Part 2 – I love a good mystery. I think it fits my personality, the thing that makes me different, the thing that gives me the sense of adventure and adventure has to be in the ukulele.” said Tony Soprano from “The Sopranos”.

“Guns of the Patriots” actor Kevin Bacon played a gun-wielding Ukelele guy on the show.

“The Hangover” actor Richard Gere used the ukulele in the song “J. E. B. Adeboye” a great song written by the band “Mama Said”.

“The Sopranos” actor Tommy

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