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I really can’t understand the confusion. What exactly do felt ukulele picks have for me?

These would be one of the most expensive items in most ukulele store. I’ve heard that ukuleles are not felt on its own but some glue or glue-like stuff (such as kraft) is used to adhere ukuleles. (But that makes sense, doesn’t it?)

What is the difference between a Ukulele and a Ukulele Knob?

Ukulele Knob: The ukulele knob is part of the ukulele neck.

Ukulele: I just mean a piece of wood (usually a 2″ by 2″ or 4″ by 4″ oak plank) that is stuck directly on the wood fretboard. They are made of a solid wood which can easily be peeled off. As ukulele neck picks are not felt on its own, I guess they are just called neck picks. I know it was quite long ago but what a difference, now I don’t remember what they called them before (though they did have a very long term name which I cannot remember, it is probably a term that means something similar to the word “knife” and I’ve never heard of it before now either).

It’s a pain in the bollocks to say ‘How did it start??’, but here’s a little history lesson, back in the mid eighties a large portion of the ukulele world decided it was not a good idea to go back to using felt (or similar). So a lot of people made their own pick and started playing the ukulele. But the people didn’t put on their ukulele hats they kept the same old sound which was basically the same as it had always been. When they realized (quite rightly) that there was a better sound (which was a very good sound) and it was easier to put on/pull off their ukulele hat they decided to use felt ukulele picks as a replacement for the felt ukulele neck pick.

Since I’m still trying to understand exactly how felt ukulele picks came to be, I ask anyone that can answer this to let me know.

What are some great Ukulele songs that I could learn?

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