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I heard the ukulele has a tiny, thin, resonating wave that vibrates at lower pitch than my acoustic piano. Is the ukulele too loud? Is it too low? Is it too much of a good thing? What if it’s the perfect thing for my songwriting?

Well the answer is no. My music, when it’s right, is way too loud. When you ask most people in the industry, the answer is no. Even my closest bandmate, Tom Green, does not believe the ukulele should be a staple in concert venues. I do not believe Tom Green believes what I believe and nor do many other people. To say that the ukulele is too loud would seem to indicate Tom Green is some kind of audiophile and is a fanboy (and he most certainly is) because he has purchased all the ukulele stands and supports the manufacture of the ukulele. In all reality, the truth is the opposite.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are not a fan of loud music. I am, and I hate it. My wife loves it when I play and I’m going to tell you, Tom, the louder the better for everyone. My friends love it. I want to keep my bandmates happy. The rest of the world loves it. Even my mom loves it. We’ve made songs, for example, about the ukulele and it’s effects on our marriage and our lives. I had to explain the ukulele’s effects to many people over the years. My wife and friends love the ukulele’s sound because I keep telling them. If you love your music, then you will keep enjoying it no matter the volume.
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I can’t answer why the ukulele sounds too loud. I don’t know. I have no way of knowing. This is where you must be asking yourself this very important question. Why is my ukulele sounding too loud? What is the reason? You, however, must be asking yourself these same questions, and you’ll begin to understand if it happens on a regular basis: Why is the ukulele sounding too loud? Are you being too harsh in your tone? Are you playing too fast and too hard? Are you trying to sound too warm or too cool? Are you playing with too much “feel” in your tone?

The short answer is no and yes. I have

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