Why does my ukulele sound twangy? – Learn How To Play The Ukulele Online Tuning App

Is it due to my ukulele having lots of plastic?

How do I get the sound from my guitar?

The bottom and front is plastic – so I have to add a small plastic spacer to my ukulele to make it sound great.

What is the difference between a standard guitar/vibrato and a high end vibrato?

An acoustic guitar vibrato has a bridge with a small hollow inside – this hollow causes it to resonate strongly (it can be compared to an electric guitar which resonates more like the acoustic than the electric model). However, with modern ukuleles the vibrato is just one of the effects produced by the ukulele – and the effect can be different for different ukuleles. For example the “High End” vibrato is used on the bass guitar used in many of modern music videos (for example ‘Guitar School’ in ‘Back to the Future Part II’). The original vibration is so ‘tangy’ that it sounds good and is very pleasant! The high end vibrato is an effect used on many bass ukuleles – including the vintage models of Rickenbackers acoustic and the Strats that have been discontinued – to create a ‘piano-like’ tone (which is different from the bass sound). There is also the “Guitar-like” effect introduced by the ukulele’s low E string. But this is another feature that is not quite as ‘dance’ – it is almost as much ‘musical’ as the high end “bounce” and ‘click’ effect!

How many strings are used on the violin and can a ukulele play “two strings” (two strings & bass strings) and one string (two strings + lead tone)?

A ukulele is a ‘four string’, and so it was developed to fit the four strings of a violin – so that it can play two strings on each hand.

If you can’t tell from this answer then it is because a ukulele has four strings, bass and treble strings.

The standard ukulele is actually a three stringed instrument with three different strings and one lead tone, not four strings.

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