Why is ukulele so popular? – Best Way To Learn How To Play The Ukulele Online Lessons

I think there are several reasons for ukulele popularity, one of the most interesting being that ukulele is much easier to learn and easier to play than piano or guitar. I have tried many piano books and it is easy to tell if you have a good ear for music, but the ukulele is way easier.

Why is this?
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Because ukuleles are smaller. For a uke you are playing, the ukulele is only about 2 inches at the widest point with the soundhole being even larger. Even a beginner will have the advantage of only having to put in about 5-7 inches of strumming muscle on a very small instrument to get a good sound. In fact, with less string thickness, the ukulele has the same sound-quality as an electric guitar. Of course that’s because the strings are of similar density.

So how many ukuleles are out there today?

As I mentioned earlier, it is the same all over the world, it is only the quality of the pieces that has changed over time. I have not seen ukulele instruments being sold for less than $10 bucks, but I doubt if the prices are as high as those prices that have been reported in the media. Even in today’s economy ukulele instruments are selling for well under $15 in major cities. That is not only lower on a net basis, but it allows you to purchase the instrument and not have to worry about what to pay the person when you get it.

Is an uke like the uke on the left in Japan?

No. When they come to the U.K., they will be playing like the Ukulele is playing here.

What is the difference between uke and bass?

At first my wife and I looked at the Japanese ukes and thought ‘this is so odd, the bass has so much more character’. We then bought a uke and played around with the bass. In the end we realized that the bass is the most interesting instrument for beginners.

What about an electric bass?

I think an electric bass is a great instrument. I am not as fond of the acoustic bass in Japan, but then again I have never tried, to be honest.

What is the advantage of a U.K. uke?

The obvious is the ease of picking up instruments like the electric bass or

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