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Yes. Dogs are regulated for sale, but not for training.

This would seem to contradict a statement made earlier in the year that dogs are “regulated” for breeding. And there’s a reason for that. In fact, a study published just last month by the Humane Society found that dogs were in fact regulated for purposes of being raised for slaughter as a food source.

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Movies of the Year – 2016

The 2015 Hollywood Awards have passed and I’ve got you covered with my picks for the Best Picture nominees. If I’ve got someone to write about in the final post I will! Here are the picks:

A Monster Calls

What more can I say? It’s a great film (and a fantastic horror movie in my opinion). The cast is excellent, the story does a good job moving us to some pretty uncomfortable places when they get there. The cinematography is stunning, the sound effects (including the monster’s shrieking sounds) are excellent. There’s also an intriguing mystery surrounding the film, but most importantly this is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen this year.

The Babadook

It seems that every year there’s a movie that really gets under our skin, and this movie certainly is one of those. We are taken in a little bit by the story of the main character, Evan who is not who you think he is. He is not an average teenager who does not fit in. He does not take the first, even second of class. We are taken in by what he believes, what scares him. It’s not a very well-written movie, but this is not a horror movie, just a psychological thriller. It’s a fun movie to watch just as much as it is scary.

The Babadook (O)

Like The Babadook, it doesn’t play the horror game like most of them, but this one does have a few scares (the first being not the monster but something called “the fear”). The story of The Babadook is very interesting, but the ending is just a bit disappointing. We see a very emotional Evan with a heart attack and an emotionally devastated mother who, of course, cannot handle her loss, and they take their children to live with them. It’s a very sad ending but it works in this movie and is better than the movie after it.

The Babadook (O)


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