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Some tips to help new people

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Dog walkers are people with a lot of love in their hearts. We all have to be a good person at some point in our lives. You can’t make a living doing this, but we all love to take advantage of the things that we have. We’ve all heard of the good and bad consequences of not doing your best when it comes to staying current with local laws and regulations.

Most people who are dog walkers know that they have to follow a lot of rules and be a courteous companion to their pets. However, that doesn’t mean you should walk on the sidewalk when there is a local dog act in progress! If you are going to walk on the sidewalk, be prepared to follow local ordinances and have proper identification, such as a county license or a state issued proof of registration. If you need to be away, know how to navigate local traffic and know what’s likely to cross your path. You can find out more about these rules by visiting the NYC DMV web site and/or by calling the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene at 212-542-2940.

In case you are wondering how dog walkers can get extra credit for activities, that information comes from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation’s “Dog Act Compliance” webpage. However, you can also call them at 212-542-2934. If you have a question you do not receive a response, check back later (or contact us at a later date.)

Some tips to help new people:

1. Know your rights

In addition to being a good companion, you can also use a dog walker’s time for your pet’s convenience. If you are going to walk on the sidewalk, be sure that you are walking on the sidewalk. If you are walking under a dog walker’s supervision, be sure to keep at least one hand on the leash.

If your dog is walking on a sidewalk, it is acceptable for the dog to come into contact with your dog as long as you walk on the sidewalk.

But if you are not going out with your dog, and the dog is outside, you may wish to consider the following.


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