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An individual may not be self employed if you are an employee and you’re using your own money to purchase your pet, or you’ve purchased your pet as a gift (not as a living/pet expenses) and you only use it as a pet while you take it out of your home.

Do I have to report on my income if my dog walks away for a week?

No, you don’t need to report your business income or expenses.

What does a ‘business expense’ mean?

It means anything that is incurred in business that does not have any direct or indirect benefit to you for doing so. These include, but are not limited to:

food (canned, prepared)

drinks (coffee, tea or juice)

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travel (airport, train, plane, train ticket)

travel expenses

rent, utilities or other fees

Other expenses (for example, any fees paid for a pet walker) are also business expenses if done with your business’ money.

What is a ‘rental vehicle’, ‘rental services’ and ‘parking’?

A ‘rental vehicle’ is an electronic device used for parking a pet in public locations. This includes a rental car with keys, a parking meter, the app and apps, as well as electronic monitoring devices.

Any rental company offering these services includes both a ‘paid’ (for example, at-reservation) service and a ‘purchase’ service. A ‘purchase’ refers to the amount you pay for a pet (such as a parking meter) or the device itself.

You need to check with the rental company if you’re paying for a rental vehicle with your own money or if the rental company has any agreements with other companies that charge you fees. In this case, make sure to make sure you know what they charge for such items.

A ‘purchase’ is when you buy a pet and pay for the device yourself (not from the rental company).

What is a ‘business expense’?

A ‘business expense’ means anything you spend money – in-store or online – on doing business with someone you’re going to be paying over time based on a certain term or period, or for the services they’re providing. However, this doesn’t include:

rental fees

business fees

business insurance

business taxes

a company

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