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I don’t know. They may eat some tuna, and even some of the canned tuna (but not all the canned tuna). All I know is that they aren’t supposed to because they are sensitive to tuna, fish and shellfish oils. They have a specific protein called Lysozyme which may be in some of the tuna canned.

Can dogs buy tuna from a pet shop?

Yes. Any pet shop in Canada that has a regular stock of canned and frozen fish will have tuna in their produce (I usually buy it from the supermarket and do not buy the frozen fish from my pet shop). They are only supposed to sell fresh tuna and never sold with canned or frozen tuna.

Can dogs eat canned salmon?

Yes: the salmon is usually not prepared in canned, but it is sometimes prepared with canned tuna and then sold as fresh fish. If you can’t find a canned salmon, you can just prepare it in any kind of sauce or marinade.

Can dogs consume canned tomatoes?

Yes, but you can see why I don’t like it—it’s very low in fiber and most dog owners like tomatoes because they are very high in calories and sugar. Can eat the tomatoes as veggies if you like: they’re not sweet enough to have any value other than that.

Can dogs eat canned tuna without the water?

They may not, but some of the canned tuna will not be salty so it’s better if they do eat it. But just to be safe, don’t give dogs canned tuna that’s had any salt added.

Can dogs eat canned fish without the food?

Probably not (no reason to give your pet tuna with canned food). They usually need food to stay healthy because they get all their nutrition from the meat. The fish is usually very high in saturated fat.

Can dogs eat frozen canned tuna?

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Absolutely! If you have a dog with a medical condition like kidney disease or diabetes, you may want to give your pet frozen fish.

Can dogs eat canned ham?

This is a common rumor, but no, no canned ham is needed by any species of dog. In fact, dogs should never be given ham. The ham in the form of canned ham is considered a high fat item, which makes it unsuitable to feed to cats, dogs or other pets.

Can dogs eat canned meat?

Yes, though if you have a low income—like a widow

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