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There is no dog food that gives more benefit for your pooch than Grain-Free Nut-Free Certified dog food. Our dog food is made without the use of any grains, gluten, soy or corn. We use only pure ingredients per FDA guidelines and are BPA and phthalate free.

We only use pure ingredients in our food

If you have any questions about our dog food or the ingredient list, please contact us at:

For a list and complete ingredients please see the full Dog Food Ingredients List.

Is Grain-Free Nut-Free Certified?

Our original grain-free dog food recipe is a family favorite. It has long been the food of choice for our pups, and is now enjoyed by thousands of loyal customers across Canada.

The dog food industry is flooded with so many different brands and brands of dog food on the market, it’s easy to get confused. It really is no surprise that many people buy dog food because it says “grain-free” on the ingredient list, and don’t realize that it is really grain-based.

As this is a rapidly growing category of dog food, you need to understand that Grain-Free, Nut-Free Certified is not simply an “accepted” label, but a food industry leader that is making positive changes and offering a way forward in the food industry that is better for your dogs. We are committed to improving the safety and nutritional benefits of our products and are proud that we are offering a more nutritious food to consumers that is grain- free, nut- free and certified by a group that is dedicated to food safety.
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Many people believe that “grain-free” means that the food isn’t made with grains, but that is simply not true. Grain-free can simply mean that the food is made without any types of grains or legumes.

While some brands claim they are grain-free, only a few are actually grain-free. However, most of their dog food does contain grains. Grain-free food usually means that the food contains less sugar and less ingredients, it has a lower fat percentage and it contains less protein.

Although it has been proven that this is the best food choice for your pet, it may not be for you. Our dog foods and dog treats are very easy to use and taste great. For dog owners who are looking for the “salty” and “fruity” taste of grain

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