Do dog walkers need a license? – Pet Age Magazine Circulation

A license is required by some municipalities for dog walkers. Most dog owners are required to obtain a State of Alabama ID card in order to keep personal dogs upon their person. Other municipalities require a license for dog owners. A license can also be purchased directly from the local animal control or police department.

In other cases, a license is not required. In all but a few counties or municipalities it is only required for those dog owners who cannot be located due to distance or inability to provide identification, such as military personnel serving overseas! Please ask your municipal or county government about the process. You can also check with local shelters to see if a license is required.

Can I get a permit to keep a dog in my vehicle to accompany other people on walks?

Yes, as a common courtesy and as part of the dog owner’s responsibilities, municipalities and the State of Alabama require the person walking a dog to be properly licensed. No license is necessary for pets to be kept in cars, but some jurisdictions require that all pets be registered in pet form. All this registration is paid for by the owner of the pet.

Is there a fee to get a license?

Unfortunately, there is no fee for a State of Alabama license, as is required by many municipalities. However, your local animal control or police department may charge a fee in response to questions concerning registration. Be sure to ask about cost prior to purchasing your license.

Are dogs or cats taken under my responsibility for walk purposes?

The State of Alabama regulates dogs and cats in public places in Alabama. You will need a license if you are going to walk a dog or pet a cat in a public place for reasons other than your own personal safety.

How do I obtain a microchip?

There are different options for obtaining a microchip. Some municipalities require a completed application form that requires a small fee, other communities require a simple written statement of address. Many municipalities accept cash. The City of Springdale requires the cost to be deposited into the Dog Licensing Fund. All other jurisdictions provide an application form and fees. Some microchips are provided by your local animal control or police department. Please contact your local department for up to date contact information and fees.

Can I call your municipality and get your current microchip number?

In many jurisdictions, most pet owners simply give a phone number or address where the pet was taken to. The City of Springdale and the City of Mobile require that

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