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(4) Can I take my dog to the beach? (5) What should I do when my dog gets hurt at the beach? (6) How do people respond to a dog running amok in the woods? For more information on these and other dog walkers’ questions, contact your local humane office or the National Animal Control Association.

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For the first time in its history, Sweden has banned the public sale and consumption of cannabis in the nation’s capital, Stockholm.

“It is a completely new law: this is more than just a change in policy, but an action on principles,” Stockholm mayor Sverker Gysi said in a statement. “We will continue to see a lot of cannabis-related arrests, especially because of the amount we will be importing to our city,” the statement added.

For all its reputation as a progressive city, Sweden has long been a progressive place overall when it comes to the control of its people. When in 1979 Sweden decriminalized sex work, it didn’t only reduce arrest rates, but also the stigma that some in the sex trade associated with it.

And since the law on cannabis was passed in 2005, the numbers of criminal prosecutions have dropped dramatically. According to the United Nations, in 2010, a total of 34,200 people were prosecuted in Sweden for various crimes related to cannabis, which was a 19 percent decrease from 2005. The most popular crimes for cannabis offenders were theft, drug dealing and drug trafficking, Sweden’s Health Ministry said in 2009.

“The law that we have now is not anti-drug, but about the regulation of the production and the distribution of cannabis for medical use and as it is now considered a substance with no social utility, the law also allows for the production of cannabis for individual use – for those who need it for medical reasons,” the Health Ministry’s director for cannabis policy, Marianne Berg, told the TT newswire in an interview about the changes.

Last year, there were about a half million medicinal cannabis users in Sweden and a growing number, many of them young, were being referred to specialists for treatment.

As a country that has legalized recreational marijuana usage in the US, Sweden has many concerns associated with legal marijuana. There are also concerns over medical marijuana dispensaries in Sweden.

The New York Mets and New England Patriots were on the brink of a tense playoff series when the teams settled their differences behind closed doors.

The Patriots

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