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Dogs are happy when you leave the room so they will not be sad when you get back. In fact, dogs have good reasons to feel sad after they are left alone. They may want to get a good sleep and feel secure and safe and secure in your arms. If you leave without a dog, it may not be the best experience for them. Most dogs would try to get home but it would not take them very long.
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What would they not want to happen during the trip back?

Your dog may want to run, hide, sniff, scratch and fight with people.

What do I not want to see?

Your dog may be scared and distressed.

How do I know my dog’s allergies are gone?

There is nothing you can do to make sure they do not have them in the future. If you take your dog to your vet, they have a test you can do to make sure there are no issues. Once they have started the test, you may be able to take your dog to your local dog park to have a walk with others who live there, if you want to keep the test in place. Most dog parks will have a little sign on their fence that says the clinic runs dog health screenings, which will show how their health looks like as a whole.

After the visit, what are they comfortable with?

They will get back to you, probably happy, and it may be a good feeling to give them a second chance at a second home.

How long do I leave my dog home?

It depends on how your dog reacts to being gone. The more it feels threatened or uncomfortable during your absence the longer you probably want to leave them alone. Dogs are amazing animals and if you leave them in a home with others that they would never mind being around for a minute, I guarantee they would not be uncomfortable.

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