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I do not know that I do. Your dog is my responsibility. I know many dog owners who do not want to have their dog handled by an unlicensed person if he has no experience working with dogs. And yes, your dog is a member of our family. Please contact us at 717-977-5463. We have some excellent training classes and we will provide you and your new pet with care throughout the process. We look forward to talking to you!

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Sensational news from the Australian Rugby League.

In a recent report, stated Sydney Roosters fullback Luke Keary was the most hated man in rugby league. The report did not include any sort of details about his domestic behaviour and whether or not he had a girlfriend but from the way the league is dealing with the issue it’s clear that Keary was the subject of a hate campaign which was never directed at the star player, instead it centred on the club.

The former Roosters star was criticised for “dealing with” Keary during the 2015 finals series, which featured the club’s first premiership in 14 years.

It was the first season of a three-year $250 million deal to upgrade the Roosters home stadium, which was built in the heart of Sydney, the NRL’s third largest market after Melbourne and Brisbane. The stadium was also the first to receive the $30 million dollar state of the art Aussie Rules stadium renovation project.

Roosters CEO Graham Annesley had this to say about the alleged treatment of Keary:

Rugby League is proud of our club and the achievements of the men and women who represent our game on a consistent basis. However, we have already addressed this issue with Mr Keary and are now considering an appropriate response.

However, a day before the 2016 NRL Grand Final, Keary allegedly lashed out at fans with this post on social media.

@bikie_fans @SydraoRabbitz Aint nothin like that about the guys at the club and they are nothing to be embarrassed of, you have earned every single win — Luke Keary (@lucadavidmiller_5) November 1, 2015

@bikie_fans @SydraoRabbitz But they’ve been playing the game the way it should be done.

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