Do you need a license to wash dogs? – How To Start A Pet Business

Yes, you do. If that dog is not vaccinated against rabies or has not been given rabies shots, you will need a license to do so. Licenses are only required in the states that require it. There is a waiver at the bottom of each page if you aren’t sure if your dog has been vaccinated.

How do I pick out which dog is good for me?

Choose either the “Good for the Whole Family” or “Best for the Family.”

Which dogs are the most popular with our customers?

Which dog breeds are the fastest growing?

What are they named?
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Which dog breeds are the most popular among all dog types?

What is their name and what do they look like? Do they stand out from all the others? Why? Why not another type?

What do the top dog breeds have in common and why is this important?

If I have another type of dog do I need to be a “special needs dog” for them?

No. If you have a “special needs dog” to take to the park or a dog who is a high-achiever, you need to take them with you to socialize them. Do not take your dog on hikes with your “special needs dog” because it will freak them out.

Can I take my dog to work?

Yes, we encourage it. However, the best way to do it safely is to call a “special needs” group who can arrange to bring your dog with you. Many businesses have the resources to do this for you. They can arrange for your animal to ride on the same train or bus as other animals.

What do I do if my dog bites someone?

Please call the vet immediately. He will take it seriously. If the bite does not involve a wound, then the dog is OK.

What kind of vet is involved in all of this?

A vet who has practiced animal medicine for over 40 years. They will treat whatever is needed. An initial consultation is $150 and you will be given a free copy. To schedule an initial consultation, please call our office at 408-932-2061.

My dog is very friendly. How do we know whether they are going to be “bad” or “good?”

It depends. Most times we are able to determine this before we buy a puppy or dog, because it is based on temperament and

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