Do you need a license to wash dogs? – Pet Shop Business Plan Ppt

Some companies say not. Some say not at all. Others require you to complete a course to prove you can clean dogs. But, most of them don’t offer any licensing requirements.

So, why don’t some dog owners own their own dog cleaning company?

Why not, you say?

Well, they would like to have the same level of protection that they get when they rent their dog’s room or wash their cat. But it may come at the cost of time, energy, and money.

It takes time to train a person to wash, groom, and dress their dog. It also involves training to prevent diseases that can be passed on through the skin of your dog, and to clean and make sure your dog has enough sanitary facilities. It means you have to hire a staff, and you have to pay for the materials and training to accomplish any of the tasks. It costs money to do things on a daily basis and requires the training of another service provider. You don’t want someone to mess up your dog, or yourself?

I personally don’t consider myself a dog owner. I consider myself a dog handler. But I have read the requirements provided by dog owners who seek dog washing services. What I have found are those who are owners don’t have the time, energy, or money required to perform the tasks, and the services do not meet the level of protection and the same level of responsibility for dog owners.

In my opinion the requirements of dogwashing services that are advertised are so vague that they can be construed as a license to wash, groom, and dress your dog. They must be consistent with the breed’s characteristics, and not just a label that allows them to treat dogs like pets.

Dog owners have had no protection from the liability and expense of owning dogs even though they are owners. The responsibility of having their dog cleaned is not just about providing them with what they need, but also about ensuring they are not harming their dog.

If it would be OK to take a class or apply for an educational certificate, it would be OK if that service included training or certification that the handler did a quality job of cleaning your dog and protecting your dog’s reputation. And if you want to hire someone with the training and knowledge that goes with being dog owner, it would be a valid service.
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You may not have any problem renting a dog, but you still want to be sure your dog’s washing was done properly and within a limited time frame

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