Do you need a permit to sell dogs? – Starting A Pet Food Delivery Business

Yes, you may sell dogs for the following reasons:

Petition your municipality for a dog permit.

To allow you to keep and keep control of the dogs in your home as long as you do not sell them.

To keep them in your home, to transport or to meet friends in your home or anywhere with a dog.

To have the dogs be in your home at all times, including when you are not home.

No, you may sell a dog for any other reason.

Do I have to sell my dog while it is licensed in Manitoba?

No, you may sell a dog if you have a valid Manitoba licence and pay the required registration fee. A dog licence should be in your name and be dated within three months of the date your dog was bought or the date your license expires, whichever occurs first. You do not need to register your dog within the three months of the date you bought or the date it expires. This is because the province, if they want to know about your dog, needs to have proof of ownership for you.
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Can a veterinarian prescribe a dog for health needs?

No, a veterinary health certificate does not authorize you to use a dog for medical purposes. Your neighbour or neighbor’s spouse may, however, issue a dog a licence for personal use at the request of a person with a valid Manitoba licence. A licence does not authorize you to hold it or administer it, nor does it provide the necessary authority to take in, train or treat a dog.

Will my dog need a microchip?

Yes, your dog must have a dog licence to be registered. A microchip for identification purposes is not required in Manitoba.

If I have multiple dogs, can they be owned, kept, transported and handled?

Yes, you may own and keep up to four dogs in one residence. You may keep your dogs in a separate place, such as a separate bedroom, garage or room, with a separate door.

A residence does not include part of a boarding house at which one or more dogs are kept.

Can I have a dog in my care or custody if I have an animal in custody or another dogs in the person’s care?

You may allow and allow your dog (or puppies) to travel with the person in custody. However, you may not move your dog to another area of the building, unless you need it for care or another animal needs it

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