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We are looking to raise at least £80,000 over this Kickstarter Campaign, but this is in addition to our existing budget of £30,000.


The final stretch: We’ll be unlocking some additional content that will be available to all backers during the campaign, so you’ll get a more in-depth look at Rover and his world along the way.


Here’s where we’ll really start to push our technology envelope, as we have added all the things we have been working towards in the previous Kickstarter Campaign, from improved controls to higher resolution textures to a fully multi-platform game experience. You’ll have the full version of Rover in your hands when we reach this target!

To see what this might mean to you, and to see the full list of content we had planned for Rover, click on the image. If nothing else, just scroll down through this list to get an idea of what we’ve got planned, and you can see more of the game at a glance in the updates below.

Our stretch goal: What if the Kickstarter campaign was about just the game itself? A complete game, not just the mechanics, and lots of extra features included, this is what we would really like to do here. With Rover you can:

Unlock the game’s entire suite of features

Create your own content and share it with friends

Fight off giant spiders, enemies with giant fists of fire

Sink your boat into a giant water pipe, creating new opportunities for exploration

Build your own ships and explore the world with your fleet of ships

Take the journey from Rover’s childhood home to the far reaches of the solar system, in a story of adventure and revenge

In our previous Kickstarter campaign we launched Rover through the Steam platform, and it was really successful. Since then we have released the game on different platforms:

Android / OUYA (Android version now available on Google Play!)

iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / iTouch / Samsung devices

Windows Phone / Xbox 360 / Surface 2 / Xbox 360

PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 (PS4 version now available on Sony Store.)

This makes Rover available on a variety of different devices in a range of countries and regions, and we are really hoping to make it a permanent part of our collection! While we’ll not be able to give every backer a physical copy of the game, we will be adding some really

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