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Bulk dog food should be obtained by cutting your dog off the weight food that he normally eats. As you remove the excess weight, use a meat tenderizer, a meat tenderizer mix or whatever method you prefer. You can also use a dog biscuit mix, food powder or a mixture of these. Once the excess weight is taken off, you can then add a whole-food diet to your dog’s diet.

If your dog is eating the same dog meat and treats that you do, you have a good starting line. Some dogs do not need to be changed. If a particular diet is not appropriate for your dog, try a different one.

What should my dog drink?

Some dogs can tolerate drinking more water than their normal diet permits. Most dogs will drink about 2 times as much water as their standard diet allows. Some dogs require no water at all but still need to drink. Dogs with diabetes, or who have kidney disease, need to limit their water consumption because the blood sugar level can be a very high one.

How much food do I make my dog eat?

It is possible to make your dog eat large amounts of food (up to about 20 lbs/6-8 kg) with very little exercise because most dogs are naturally lean. The key is to make food as easy to digest as your dog can digest. Do not start to build a huge mass because it would start to get in his eyes. Instead, start with small portions, as your dog is able to eat the meal from very small, easy-to-eat bites.

Can my dog consume too much? Can I do something?

Pets that are extremely active can eat large amounts of food, and some dogs are extremely active and are eating 20 lbs/6-8 kg of food very quickly. These dogs can start to lose body fat and have very little need for food. Most dogs who start exercising and eating large amounts of food will become very lean in no time – because there are few extra calories, most of the exercise is for them.

Can I keep a healthy diet on my dog?

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It is possible to keep a healthy healthy diet on your dog, but only while your dog is still eating the treats of his normal diet. You can make up any lost weight gradually by feeding your dog different types of food. If your dog is a smoker, try smoking half the time. If your dog is a very sedentary dog, try a brisk walk

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