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You can still start your own zoo, although the process should be a little simpler. You can check out some examples in our Zoo Building Guide.

The more zoo designs you can create, the more fun it’ll be. Plus, the world is a bigger place than us giraffes, and we could all learn a thing or two from the animals we share the same planet with.

Are you interested in learning more about designing a zoo? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Zoo Design Training Program.

(written from a Production point of view Real World article

John and the Borg Collective return to the Alpha Quadrant.

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Summary Edit

Teaser Edit

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 47468.6. A new type of Borg spacecraft has been observed entering Federation space. The vessel carries only a single Borg drone, and despite their apparent sophistication, it cannot yet be confirmed if they are sentient. We have decided that Voyager and the USS Enterprise-D must enter the Borg’s homeworlds to find out if they are truly sentient.”

Captain Kathryn Janeway has made preparations for a surprise trip to the Borg homeworld, which can be used to verify whether the Borg are sentient, as they are apparently capable of assimilating, if the assimilation of a Starfleet vessel is not a direct threat to them, or if it is possible to kill one of their drones without harming them themselves. She calls the Borg on Voyager. However, the arrival of the Borg, in a single ship, has startled the crew, as it is a sign that the Borg are back in the Alpha Quadrant, although there appears to be no hostility.

After a short conversation, Chakotay orders her to move with their shuttle, where the ship will be protected by some kind of holographic shield, and they will arrive on the home world in about thirty minutes. Janeway agrees and plans to board the vessel, to find out if it is sentient or not. Suddenly, the bridge gets a message requesting repairs, and Chakotay orders Janeway to immediately return to Voyager.

Act One Edit

As Voyager comes aboard, Chakotay realizes through his sensors that the Borg are in fact not human anymore, and no longer possess any type of individuality. The Borg drone, a Borg drone named Kudra, comes to him for help – the drone has been assimilated. He explains that his own people were assimilated, as

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