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I have written a series of videos about dog walking to help you better understand your dog and the market in which you can work. I invite you to watch the first three videos, The Dog Walking Market, Dog Walking Market, and Dog Walking Market.

To learn more about the video series and the other videos on our website, please click on these three links:

Dog Walking Market Video 1 (This video is about dogs walking to the dog park) Dog Walking Market Video 2 (This video is about dogs walking on a bike) Dog Walking Market Video 3 (This video is about dogs walking for people)

We love to share our news around the office. Here’s the latest from me and my fellow journalists and bloggers at the Ottawa Citizen.

For Immediate Release

October 13, 2015

Ottawa Citizen Media Centre: Media Roundtable

The Ottawa Citizen welcomes your questions for our Media Roundtable and the Citizen’s social media teams ask readers for their tips and questions.

Canadians have the right to know who owns our news. To that end, I will hold a joint forum on Wednesday with Citizen journalists, bloggers and other contributors, with a panel of stakeholders, including government officials and some of our own staff – to explore this question of governance, control and ownership.
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The Citizen believes in full disclosure about the financial and personal relationships that exist between The Ottawa Citizen and its owners – News Corp. (Nicolle Wallace, John Makin, Jim Hamilton) and other companies (Lifescaping Canada Inc., The Toronto Star Trust Ltd., News Media Inc. and CTV Media). Our owners, News Corp. and their subsidiaries, are not affiliated with our journalism, we do not endorse them or their brands in any way.

As part of my commitment to openness, we will publish this information and we invite you to participate in this debate. Let’s have our day.

How to attend:

The event will be held at the Ottawa Citizen’s new office in City Hall.

The following details are intended to ensure confidentiality. The information below was provided to the Citizen by another party:

The event is scheduled to start at 6 p.m.

The address is 2nd floor, corner of Wellington and Laurier Streets


• Dr. Karen McLean is a professor of political sciences at the University of Ottawa, who directs the Research Centre for Media Democracy.

• J. Scott Dess

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