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You can generally leave a dog with an owner(s), at least temporarily, for as long as you choose to leave the dog at home. This is because leaving your dog at home does not violate the law and is, indeed, legally allowed under some circumstances.

However, if your dog gets in trouble at home, you can usually end your leave to your dog if the owner(s) of the dog, by some reasonable way, stops having problems at home.

What if my dog escapes?

If your dog ever escapes from your possession, you cannot legally take it back. There will be a long, drawn-out and expensive legal process and a very high expense. Remember, even if one person finds your dog, others can still be liable to get paid for the time and cost involved in keeping your dog. The costs of the dog will be considered part of your debt (in most states anyway). Once the dog is returned to you, you must return it to its owner.

If you return your dog to your owner, he might be able to recover some or all of his expenses. He could ask a court to order you to take back the dog to an animal control facility. In this case, you would have to pay for the costs of your dog being transported back to your home. (It’s up to you to decide if you want to be there to pick up your dog and deliver it)
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Some states offer a special class, known as “special adoption” programs. These programs allow you to adopt a homeless dog or small pet animal from the shelter or rescuer without having to get custody of the dog yourself. This is the best if you have little time or resources to take care of your animals (especially small pets), and if the dog is not very old or sickly and very dangerous to you. You may be responsible for paying for your dog for a period of time, usually a couple weeks or more, depending upon how much you pay for your pets, if you pay your deposit. If you are adopting a dog from a local shelter, it is called a “pre-adoption” program, for “pre-adoption” means “after adoptions by foster families and adoption by local shelter and rescue groups.”

When will I be financially responsible for the cost of my dog if I adopt it from a shelter or rescue group?

The time period is usually the “cost period” (time you will owe for taking your dog) when

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