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Although your dog may be on the receiving end of verbal abuse, the time it takes for abuse to affect your dog may be much less than people might imagine.

Some dogs may be very aggressive or even aggressive toward them, but they still want to be near humans, they just don’t want to get hurt.

Other dogs may be fearful of people and their reactions, but they still care much about their safety and the safety of their owners.
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Some dogs just can’t handle the stress if you can’t get away and they begin to panic. The good news is that because their response to stress is the same as that of a small child, most don’t take offense to that.

What about me??

That is the question many men have been asking.

“I’m an engineer. What are the odds I could be one of the worst jobs on the planet?”

I started this blog because I want a simple answer. If you are a engineer who can’t get a job that is a good match in your industry, you need to make that decision quickly.

I’ll walk you through my experience, what I’ve learned, and why I’m writing this.

1. You don’t want to go to work for someone who cares less about your work than you do.

In engineering, one of the most dangerous aspects is the boss trying to control your work.

Many engineers are highly talented, but work their asses off to make sure work gets done. Because the more we work, the more demanding our jobs will be.

Some engineers will work in a team with other engineers; others will work alone. All are encouraged to take on other tasks if needed.

Most engineers want to see things done in a reasonable amount of time:

This includes things like getting the client’s project started or working on making sure the software to be developed works.

You may make sure a client’s project gets done in a timely manner, too, provided the work is important to you.

2. If you can’t do your work, move somewhere else.

Many engineering companies will have an engineer who does the engineering work. This employee has a lot to do with what you get done, but is not an integral part of work.

If the engineer spends too much time on his own work, he may lose his focus. If he thinks he can work more time on other areas of the software to be done

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