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The Humane Society asks that you consider a puppy’s age before deciding to leave it alone. Puppies need to be kept indoors as long as possible, and it’s okay to let them run free outside in the yard or fenced-in yard for a few days to a month.

Do you need a new puppy?

Puppies need to remain with their mothers for the first two weeks after birth. If they need to move, you, the breeder of the puppy, can take the dog elsewhere but make it a priority that you give them plenty of opportunities to bond with their new home.

Will he become aggressive?

Yes, he’ll likely attack without warning. Don’t leave him in an unsafe area until you know why he attacked.

What can I do?

Take him to a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), who can help you find out exactly what happened, and teach your puppy how to act properly. You can also make sure that you give him plenty of time to bond with his new family.

How do I get a puppy from a breeder?

You can buy your puppy online, from a rescue organization, or from a veterinarian. You can also call your local shelter to see if they have any good options. Most shelters and dog rescues can usually refer you to people who are not only experienced with puppy rescues, but also those who have experience breeding dogs, and who often can refer you to breeders who are happy to help. You can also find information on puppy buying and fostering on the Petfinder site.

What if I change my mind after choosing a dog?

Puppies are so complicated, and the process of choosing them can take so many different forms. The best thing you can do is to get as many quotes as possible.

Keep in touch! Take advantage of Petfinder’s 24/7 live chat and phone answering service to speak with a rescue coordinator right away. You never know when you might need a new companion.

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