How much can you earn as a dog walker? – Pet Business Newsletters Samples

You’ll need to work out your own payment plans. The minimum you’ll pay is £1,500 – the amount you’ll receive if you earn more. However, you’ll have to work out what you want to earn for your day.

How much money will I earn if I just walk for 12 hours a day?

You can earn up to £4,500 a year from one walk per week. That’s one walk every two days, which means you’ll have to work out what you can earn each week between £750 and £1,000.

Can you earn more if you walk more often – but still earn less than £4,500?

Yes, you can. You can earn up to £5,000 for your first year of working as a dog walker, plus up to £7,500 after a year. After one year, after your second year as a dog walker, and after every additional year you earn as a dog walker, you’ll earn £8,500.

Are you allowed to choose the time of day and how many times a year to walk?

No, it’s your responsibility to meet certain conditions, such as going to the park or having a dog on a lead. You’ll be assessed as a dog walker on time and on your performance. When you receive your first payment you’ll have at least four days’ notice to work.

What happens if I’m absent from my dog’s walk for more than 12 hours?

As a dog walker you don’t have to pay for it, but you have to agree with your manager as to your leave to allow your dog to enjoy the park or be a friendly companion.

What happens if I don’t carry my dog to work on time?

You’ll be responsible for any injuries suffered by your dog during a break. If you’ve been on holiday, you’ll not lose any time on a day you haven’t worked as a dog walker.

Are there any safety or health reasons that won’t let me leave early to walk dogs?

Not generally, but if you have health problems you need to contact your doctor or dog walker to discuss it.

What happens if my dog becomes injured during a trip?

We don’t know the cause of your dog being injured, but you’ll have to meet the requirements for a dog walker licence to work in the park. You need to carry

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