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Zoo vets are paid around £40,000 to £50,000 a year for working in the zoo. While that may amount to very little in the bigger cities, it gives you a small start in the animal care industry.

Why are some countries so selective about what we can and cannot do in captivity?

In Europe, for example, it’s not only legal, but there’s a legal requirement and so some countries simply don’t want to allow us to interact with animals if they could do with a break.

Do you think that the animals need more love and care to be treated with respect?

Absolutely, yes. It’s important to treat them with respect, as we would want to feel loved and cared for.

Zoo animals are an important part of the ecosystem, but what about people who choose not to adopt an animal?

There is a certain amount of risk involved, both for the animal and the people involved, so many people see it as too big a commitment to adopt an animal.

If you’re planning to adopt an animal, the more information you can have, whether it’s with the vet, the rescuers or anyone else you can contact, it will be much more than the cost of travelling to the zoo – and a lot more enjoyable.

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