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The amount you can get for renting a pet shop is around the same as you would pay for a normal business. To help out, the Animal Welfare League is giving away one pet shop licence for every £1 you spend on products and services. It’s important to note though, that if you plan to sell your pet, you may want to consider buying a licence instead.

To purchase a pet shop licence please click here.

How is a pet shop license determined?

The money you spend on goods and services can determine the type of licence you’ll need. This depends on which types of animals are kept under your licence.

Licence types and restrictions

You’ll be able to keep some of your animal’s basic needs in a pet shop. The licence can cover keeping the animals outdoors, for the purposes of the animal welfare code, as long as they are kept on the premises. If you’re looking to sell a pet or plan to keep an animal for other purposes, be sure to check the current status of any licenses to see if they’re current as the Animal Welfare League of Western Australia has the correct information on the licences at their website.

How much animal welfare and safety equipment is enough?

The Animal Welfare League does not require an animal shop to allow you to keep more than the minimum standard of animal health and welfare equipment needed to keep a pet.

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There is no legal maximum you can keep. Be realistic though and try to keep at least as much equipment as you need for your pets.

The minimum animal welfare equipment for each type of animal that can be bought and kept in a pet shop or kennel depends on what animal you’re keeping.

Pet shop License Conditions Dogs Dogs are considered pets

Own by the owner. No outside access

Litter boxes are provided

Mowing fee can be paid

Dogs must have the tag in a visible (not in a tag box) location all day The maximum allowable pet shelter size (1 animal shelter size is the size you can keep each animal at a time) is 50% of your regular kennel size.

A maximum of 3 pets is allowed at a time Dogs must have tags to be let out

The tags must be visible from the kennel The maximum allowable animal shelter size for small pets is 90% of your regular kennel size.

A maximum of 12 pets is allowed at any one time

Your pet must still

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