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You must be over 3 years of age to apply for a zoo licence, the cost is £6.50.

If you want to go into a different animal park you must pay a fee of £3 per day.

A Zoo licence will give you access to other zoos, parks and animal centres throughout the UK.

Zoos are owned by the national body responsible for administering them. These are listed below.

Check if a zoo is in operation before you get to it and the licensing department will advise you.

Cities & towns with zoos

Check out our zoos directory to view all the different zoos in your area including details of where the animals live.

Other places to visit

Inspectors regularly visit zoos to check them for breeding animals, and to make sure the animal park is being run in a way that meets with the animal’s welfare. Check on your local Zoo to find out more about inspections and visits.

Check zoo fees

Zoos often charge fees for zoo entry and fees for zoo animals. To find out how much money goes to the zoo please visit their website.

TEMPE, Ariz. — If one was to read some of the responses to former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck’s admission Thursday that he was sexually assaulted as a high-school freshman, one theme often is made abundantly clear: “How could someone do that to a child? How could he do that???,” asked one Twitter user. “No one is saying it was OK. He took advantage of a weak victim. He abused his power,” answered a second.

But the truth is, neither of those replies are entirely true.

The reality is that the situation was completely different. And that may explain why neither the former player nor the woman in question has spoken publicly about it since.

The former player’s name has been used as a part of the conversation; The Mary Sue, the online source of Stanford-focused news and analysis, has cited the former player’s account as the most credible one.

It’s true that Luck was assaulted when he was just a teenager, but he was under the age of 18 when the alleged incident was reported. The woman’s name, which The Mary Sue has been using to inform readers about the details of the allegations, has also been used. She is the alleged victim’s girlfriend at the time of the alleged incident.

The woman has not denied that she was assaulted

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