How much should I charge to watch a dog overnight? – Dog Walking Business Names That Aren’t Taken

Generally a 5 dollar or $5 deposit will go a long way in convincing your client to let you stay overnight with them, and the best way to make sure you get the deposit in time is to offer to pay the deposit on a monthly basis. This way you can also collect the deposit in advance, but you also collect a good amount of money (depending on your contract). Also note that you will be charged a fee per month for a deposit when you call before the overnight, and not the day of the event.

Should I rent from home?

The truth is that a dog motel is a great way to get a quality pet owner on board with your business, and for some people it’s worth getting on the road. However, renting out your pet may not make sense if you have a large amount of time to devote to you pet. If your pet is in the same state as your office location, and you can travel regularly to work, you may be better off renting out your pet.

For more information on how to decide on which type of pet-related business to rent out, take a look at Pet Business Rentals: The Best Rental Process.

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