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Some will suggest that it’s something you want to get on with if you can, however others say you absolutely cannot and should always have a trainer!

The story of what happened next in the first few weeks of this year will be an important episode in the history of the UK. In the early hours of 29 February, armed forces personnel found a stash of chemicals, including nitric acid, in an armoured patrol vehicle at RAF Colchester during a routine patrol of an old Army base.

More than 30,000 tonnes of the gas were sent to the UK’s chemical laboratories, and were sent into the bloodstream of the soldiers at risk. It is currently thought that up to 5,000 people could have been exposed. The Ministry of Defence was forced to launch an investigation into why such a high level of gas was not tested for. In February, the MoD announced it would launch a “full investigation” into what went wrong at Colchester, as well as an independent report into the training of aircrew.

There were other interesting developments. As soon as the chemical mix went missing, several MPs – including Tory backbencher David Nuttall – visited the site of the site on 22 February, leading to a political row. Some members of MPs’ staff also found there a pile of metal casings, apparently from the same batch of gas, which were not covered in plastic or other safety precautions. One MP told me that they found more than 30 casings of nitric, a highly corrosive gas, still fully intact.

That is why the Government had to release the first draft of the new regulations about nitric acid, in August. There were some very worrying early concerns, as I mentioned last November. As the regulations come into force next April, and the equipment, personnel and training of the Royal Marines, based in the UK’s northernmost army garrison, will change dramatically. There is, however, hope and a new era of good will between Defence and the military.

• This article was amended on 28 November 2013. The original said that the chemical mix went missing on 30 Feb 2013; they had gone missing before that.

The official Facebook page for the anime adaptation of Masao Orihara ‘s Light Novel series Attack on Titan has posted the first episode’s official opening theme song “Re:Kon” (Re:Kon is coming) and ending theme song “The Dawn” (The Dawn is over).

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