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I’m not sure if there’s an actual law against it…

So this is my dilemma with an unrestrained dog. I could be prosecuted under it (not sure). Or, I could just leave it at home, have it outside… I really don’t mind. There is no “law” against it, but I’m going to leave my dog outside because it’s too hot out now. I don’t care… it’s summer, and we’re in California (don’t worry, it’ll be dry by then, right?) 🙂

What happened with that guy? Is he in trouble?


Here’s the scoop:

Police said the man was driving a car with his dog and stopped on Route 78 at about 1:30 a.m.

The dog was released by a deputy, police said, and it ran between the cars. The dog was taken to a veterinarian who diagnosed it with a flea bite.

He was not charged but the county’s Animal Control is investigating to see if there are outstanding court and police charges.

There was also speculation on the radio about whether this can happen – if you’re driving a car with your dog, you might accidentally knock a car in your direction. It’s a matter for the authorities, as it would certainly be considered reckless driving (assuming the officer’s logic works, since he was only stopped for going 30mph), but it could also be “wrongful death” with a dog in a car! It’s a dangerous, and very often misunderstood, phrase. But hey, if the dog had bitten you – did you want that guy to get caught up in the police drama?

What if I don’t want to get behind the wheel with my dog?

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That’s a good one. Most of us are OK with it – some of us are even quite happy with it. But it’s a difficult thing to determine where it ends and your rights start… we’re all human! People who like to take their dogs on vacation with them may be more worried, or even worried – they may just consider it too risky.

What to do if I have dog in the car with me (or in my car)?

This article is written for those people who might have their dog in a car, but are worried about it leaving the car. Some people say to just leave it in your car. It is true they can – if their dog comes into the car, they are legally

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