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As of the end of 2016, Twitter paid users over $10 billion USD, and Facebook had $8.5 billion USD on its platform as of that same time.

The most popular apps are in order (in order):

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Photos





Facebook Messenger



The most popular apps are in order (in order): TwitterInstagram.comHoney…

A couple of days ago the government in Poland issued an ultimatum to the Polish Football Association; they would stop the Polish National team from playing next season if they didn’t comply by Saturday evening.

The government in Warsaw didn’t give a reason for the announcement to shut the team, but I am pretty sure that it’s an attempt to prevent future protests.

On Saturday night the government in Poland announced that they wouldn’t take “a decision with respect to the ongoing protests against the World Cup”. That’s the same group of people responsible for the soccer riots that swept the country during the 2012 World Cup.

I would hate to think of a Polish soccer game and the thousands of kids who would be expected to participate.

For a country that already endured massive protests after the World Cup and after the corruption scandals in the country, that’s really hard to take.

The people of Poland know that the World Cup is a huge national event, it is considered a must for anyone looking for the new country to believe in things. And they will never accept shutting the team down for the sake of doing something that is unpopular.

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The Polish fans will gather again this Sunday and try to convince the government to stop shutting down the team and allowing the players to participate if they were just “caught up in a misunderstanding” or were “too hasty”.

Sitting in a quiet New York hotel, a group of young people sat down and talked. They had come from all over the world for a three-day international trade fair, but only a few got to experience what life is like in Germany. But that was about to change.

It was 3 a.m. on November 5, 2012, and the meeting at the Grand Central Hotel in Manhattan was the second-largest audience ever gathered to study the German language. The two dozen people in attendance held tightly to one another, taking notes like a small church congregation. They were all part of the “German

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