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This is such a tricky question for developers. They have to know how much money they pay per user per month. If they only pay for the users they are working with they don’t have to consider the costs of running the app and the expenses associated with marketing and distribution that come with that. The data we have available shows us that on average, each app pays $0.28 per month to its developers.

Some developers try to trick us with a figure lower than $0.28, such as $0.20 per month. It’s very difficult to find out how much a single app pays per user because a lot of the apps we have looked at do not pay anything to the developers. If you include the cost of the app, it’s about $0.50 – $1.00 per month per user.

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Why are app developers paying so much?

A major reason that people are paying so much is because they can afford that much. It is estimated that only about 10% of developers in the world make $1 – $2m per year. If your app is free you won’t have to worry about paying the costs of development. However, if your business model is to publish on Android Market or iOS Market then paying per user will become important.

This does not mean that you should pay to reach the very top of the charts, but if you are a small developer (e.g. 1 million downloads per month) then your apps could end up being worth $1 or more to the top 100,000.

Are you a paid app developer?

As a paid app developer you can expect to get paid quarterly and you have to keep your revenue up to date. Your revenue will likely be higher if you are spending the bulk of your time on development but most of us are independent app developers.

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What if I don’t have enough app developers?

It’s possible to work with your existing user base without having a major problem in paying the bill. This is where developers offer their own payment service. We don’t have data from the top 99% of payment services available right now.

Should you charge less to your users because it’s free?

Some developers argue that the main reason that app stores are growing so rapidly is because free apps are being sold. They have argued that if your app is free to be downloaded, people will

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