What dogs are suitable for full time workers? – How To Start A Hot Dog Business

V Ling: 01.08

We’re not suggesting one can’t do full time work at a busy dog park (even as a second job) but do know that this is an area that many are uncertain about. We would encourage anyone who is interested to read about the differences between full time workers and home workers here:

If you have a dog, we recommend keeping all the paperwork in a safe place at all times. For instance, with an unneutered poodle, all paperwork includes a certificate from the pound saying that you own it which you should keep in the pocket of your jeans. It will also include an owner’s consent form which you should keep on you keychain.

When can I consider training my own dog?

Some people think training your own dog for a job is never advisable, but we strongly refute this idea. If you are absolutely sure that your dog needs to be a full time dog park employee, then training is a possibility if you are able to find someone to train it. This would give you the opportunity to enjoy your dog all day without worrying about the strain that may be put on you and what you may or may not be able to do or the other dog owner.

Many dog park employees find it very tough to find people who are willing to train their dogs and it seems that a large majority of dog owners are quite reluctant to have their dogs training. This is why we always recommend to go online and search for an organisation to train your dog for a job as soon as you’ve found the right people to train your dog.

There is nothing wrong with training your dog but it’s important to consider what your time at the park will actually be like. This will help you decide if training is right for your situation and you’ll be able to plan around your dog’s needs better. The best advice is to find someone who is experienced in what dog parks are like for this type of employee.

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