What dogs are suitable for full time workers? – Pet Care Business Logos

A few things to consider when selecting a dog. These include…

A dog’s size

It pays to research the breeds with the largest body weights. The longer a dog has been bred the bigger and bigger they become. A large pit bull and a big German Shepard may both be suitable but with a smaller, faster and more agile one is even better.

The dog can easily lift 200 to 300 lbs. This can become a problem when working long shifts as the dog can not get out of their crate. If they get to work early in the morning, before the house has been cleaned up, it is much better to use a smaller dog with more stamina.

A big pit bull will require a harness and leash as well as other equipment and supplies to get them to work. If you are interested in a smaller dog that they can handle easily and safely then a little dog is the way to go. This works well for many people because the smaller dog can carry loads more lightly and get them to work more quickly.

A short and stocky dog like a shepherd or boxer will be fine if they are trained to work in a pack and are able to keep each other in check.

If you are only looking to get a small dog then they may do well with a smaller dog with large head and body size and a bigger dog with small head and body size.

How often should you expect your puppy to be in heat?

Puppies should be well fed and kept clean. Ideally your puppy should be fully grown so, if properly maintained, they can continue to develop when full grown. At this time of life they are a great candidate but have a short cycle. Females tend to lay more eggs than males.

It is normal for the female to lay anywhere from 1 to 3 eggs every 7-10 days. This is generally considered normal for that particular puppy to be in heat and you should not be worried about this. However, if this has not been the case for months or years then she should be checked by a Vet.

This will tell you if the puppy is in heat but she will often start to get tired and will stop laying eggs.

When it comes to puppies going into heat we recommend taking in them between 2-4 days before they actually begin to feel it. If they’re going into heat you must do the following things…

Sow seed

Sow your seed before it is ready. A warm bed and

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