What is the best app to make money fast? – How To Start Your Own Dog Toy Business

This is a tough question. If you are a seasoned entrepreneur making good money and have many clients/customers already onboard, then I would definitely go with the product. Most entrepreneurs need to make their product or service to be successful before they can launch it. So I would say the answer might be, I would say the quickest way to get to profitability is by making a product that I really like and am confident is going to make money quickly.

And if you want to know my personal favorite, I would say, just making a service. One of the most profitable things that I do every week is making a service.

Also, the more of your time spent with the product the more money you can make.

So here are some ideas to make your product/service profitable fast.

A great way to get started with a service is by taking a project where you are able to make money in 2-4 weeks. I think that can get your interest and be good for a while.

What is the most profitable app that you have made money from?

When I was starting online publishing a couple of years ago, the most profitable app that I made money from was Google Adsense. Adsense is a Google service that allows you to buy ads through Google.

If you are familiar with Google Adsense, check out our previous article.

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Another way to get started with getting a piece of the action is to take on a product project where you really do not have much expertise. I really like taking on non-trivial projects like making an app or a service so that I can learn from and build from experience.

If you’re like me and you love building stuff, do let me know what is your best app (product/service) that you have made money from by using the Comment Box below. Let’s share this with my network. I will be sure to feature you and share your work on my social media profiles as soon as you join.

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