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I bet you have already guessed! Here is the answer

It’s the app that’s supposed to help you get rich quick. The app is basically a bunch of simple things which you must complete each day in a certain order to increase your earnings. For example, you must make 10 payments daily until the app unlocks. On the other hand, all the users who have not yet completed a payment will be sent an SMS asking for your email address. If you answer with an incorrect email address, you’re not going to earn anywhere.

Here’s a list of the most popular apps:

1. The App Store

If you’re looking for the most addictive app of all, then it’s The App Store (for Mac OS). This is the ultimate place to purchase your next app. The App Store is constantly updated with new and cool additions, giving you better chances of becoming rich quick.

2. Amazon Appstore

If you have to buy things on Amazon, then chances are you will have to download the Amazon Appstore. This app store has hundreds of thousands of free apps, making the process of buying apps easy. For example, if you’re buying the game Candy Crush Saga, then you can head for the Amazon Appstore to make the app available to download from your desktop, and then pick it up from the Amazon Appstore.

3. Apple Appstore

If you are looking for a little something extra, then head to iOS. If you are new to the iOS platform, then this is the most comfortable platform to use. If you are an experienced user and a seasoned Apple user, then you should stay away from this place.

4. Google Play

Do you know what Google Play is? Google Play allows you to purchase anything from Apple (or Amazon), but with a couple of taps from your desktop or a tablet.

How to make money quick and easy using free (or almost free) apps on the AppStore:

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There are several ways in which you can make money fast using free (or almost free) apps. Here are the most popular and most used method out of the 100+ apps below, along with some tips and tricks that you can apply to these apps to make you make loads of cash:

You can take advantage of app discounts. A lot of the free apps have very low prices. For example, you can download games which are often available for a fraction of the price if you buy them through this method.

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