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You must have completed a dog walker certificate issued by the Australian Council of Dog Walkers and the Veterinary College. The council and the College have different formats for dog walkers and vets (you can view the format here).

If you’re seeking to enter the profession as a full time dog walker, be prepared to earn between €100-€250 per week from a variety of businesses such as dog walkers, puppy dog walkers, and dog walking schools. You should be able to support yourself while working this part-time.

If your goal is to enter the profession as a part-time dog walker, then you’re going to need to gain experience working with other animals of all types including dogs, cats and other species of domestic mammals. Your experience on the course and with clients will also be very important.


Becoming a Dog Walker – Secondhand Dog Dog walker Secondhand dog dog walkers dog walkers have their own home; their house may either be shared by an owner or the dog owner and their family; the dog walker may have own property, or a property owned by someone who is not a dog walker.

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Dog walking

Dog walking is a form of exercise. When dogs are not walking along on leash or being walked by a dog walker, they are on leash or may be being walked on a treadmill. When dogs are walking, a “walking dog” is defined as a dog with physical access to human handholds, on a track, on a dog walk, in parks, trails and other natural environments (such as the woods, fields and water) that can be controlled by the handler or by anyone else with an authority to deal with the dog on behalf of the handler. Because a walking dog is not a service dog, walking is considered exercise not work for dogs and should be considered as exercise in that sense. When is a dog walker allowed to walk with or against someone? It is not permitted at all times to be in a position where the dog is in a position to bite or harass someone if he is not walking and on proper leash – especially in areas where a dog is not allowed by a walker. As a special exception to the regulation, dogs who pose a direct threat to a handler or the safety or welfare of others must be restrained when crossing a sidewalk or a walkway where dogs are allowed. These are walkways where dogs need to cross to or from premises to be fed, exercised

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