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A thorough understanding of their surroundings, how to properly care for dogs and their behaviour.

A good understanding of what can cause their illness in dogs and how to resolve that.

A knowledge of the medical history of all the dogs in a small dog walker.

How can you qualify as a dog walker?

Most clubs in Queensland have a minimum of four years’ experience teaching and caring for walkers, including the training and supervision of dogs.

If you want to do additional training for any level, or have worked as a dog walker for any period, you can apply to the Dog and Cat Walking Club of Queensland. Applications are considered on a case by case basis and your circumstances may cause you to have to undergo a further evaluation.

If you are interested in joining a Dog and Cat Walking Club please go to The Dog and Cat Walking Club of Queensland for further information.

Dog and Cat Walking Club of Queensland

The Dog and Cat Walking Club of Queensland (DCWQ) was formed for the purpose of facilitating and promoting the training of dogs in the dog walker industry in Queensland and also as a means for them to learn more about their responsibilities as dogs and cats walkers, and further be able to provide training advice to walkers. The Dog and Cat Walking Club of Queensland is registered with the Australian Kennel Club and is an affiliated club of the National Club of Queensland (NCQ).
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As an established and recognised organisation the DCWQ is responsible for the membership of its members, the training of their guide dog and kennel trained dogs and the establishment, administration and management of the clubs on behalf of its members. To become a member of the DCWQ you must take an interest in the training that is being offered to you and if you are interested in becoming a guide dog trainer take a look at the training packages available on their website.

As an organisation with an established history, the DCWQ has an established track record for meeting the needs of dog walkers and the broader community by providing a means of providing high quality training to owners of guide dogs with the understanding that they are all important members of the community.

Dogwalking in Queensland:

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