What qualifications do you need to be a dog walker? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Dept Of Unemployment

• Dog walkers, groomers, therapy dogs, obedience trainers, and others with experience working with dogs are encouraged to apply.

· Dogs must be 6-7 years old or younger.

Why is dog walker a good career choice?

• While these are some of the most intense and demanding jobs in the world, having the same background and experience in the world of walking dogs allows you to apply for a variety of different dog walking jobs.

· A dog walker typically goes home at night, which means you often work longer hours than most other jobs. A dog walker typically provides more personal touches because they have been with their dogs before. And as your dog’s owner, he or she will usually love you for the company you provide.

Benefits of a dog walker job

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• Dog walkers are usually paid between $25-30/hour, depending on the state.

• A dog walker also spends more time with their dogs because they have experience interacting with animals. That means the dogs are less likely to be bored and more happy, too.

• You’re more likely to be recognized because you are walking the same breed of dogs and dogs also recognize you as a dog walker. That means they will follow you on your travels as you spend more time with your dogs.

• You can easily find homes for your dogs and spend time with their friends. This can make your dog walker job more enjoyable.

Tips for finding a dog walker job

• You’ll have a harder time finding a job because it is not as lucrative. So try online forums or Craigslist.

• You won’t necessarily be applying to the lowest-paying jobs out there. Most dog walkers will work for as much as $50/hour.

• It’s not the cheapest job out there. Most dog walkers will work 8-12 hours each day, so you may be paying more to spend more time with your dogs.

• Dogs can be really stubborn about going outside and getting water when they are out of water bowls or food. If you don’t have a good solution to that problem, it’s worth asking your dog to be pet-friendly.

• Dogs aren’t usually the most intelligent or social creatures. Dogs like to be together and go to the park together. The dog walkers can be a good companionable group of people.

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