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It’s pretty simple: be a responsible dog walker and be happy to interact with your pet for the betterment of your friend’s health and well-being when you’re taking him for a walk.

So how do you go about finding that kind of person?

The list is a bit complicated! Here’s my “top ten” list of qualities that apply to anyone who would like to apply to be a dog walker as a career.

1. You love animals.

If you love animals, then it should go without saying that you’re going to love your dog too. You can be a good pet owner while also taking care of him or her.

2. Your dog doesn’t suffer from human diseases, and doesn’t need special care.

As long as your pet can live with no major health problems, it should be fine for you to be able to take him in and out of your house and walk him. If your dog does require medical attention you could use your own dog park. It might be a good idea to take a look at this list of dog health care clinics, as they could be a great help to your dog and make the environment a better place for him!

3. You’re able to manage your dog’s interactions with people.

If you take care of your dog you can deal with the fact that people sometimes can be difficult to handle around your animal and even more difficult if you’re not an in-demand, highly-trained professional dog walker. If the environment around your dog is a bit different than some places, the environment could become very stressful.

4. You’re comfortable interacting with people, so that the interaction can be comfortable.

For example, you’ll probably need to be able to sit with your pet while they’re having an interaction. It can be hard in some environments to take a deep breath. If you have a fear of dogs in general then it might be a good idea to get a dog walker’s license and then become comfortable with interacting with animals.

5. You have a keen interest in dogs.

Dogs are so fascinating. They’re smart, obedient, playful, social, and all of them have a lot of charm and personality, so you may be able to have a huge impact on their lives and happiness as you take them on walks!

6. You have a lot of confidence when it comes to your dog.

Even if you

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