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In many counties you will find that there are specific fees that need to be paid to the county and county of licensing. Some, however, allow you to charge a reduced fee. Here are some guidelines to consider:

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Southeast Arkansas

Southeast Arkansas is home to some of the world’s most historic dog walking spots. These spots are often located along the banks of rivers or in natural or historic sites. The park areas are full of unique waterfalls and caves, and offer beautiful views of the Arkansas River Valley from a wide variety of points of interest. Dog walking is offered in numerous parks and wilderness areas, and you can even rent a dog and walk the city streets!

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great way to explore and enjoy a great outdoorsy community. Arkansas has a growing population, especially in the rural areas. Many of these communities are located in the Southeast corner of the state. The city of Fayetteville has more than 500 dog and outdoor businesses on the city’s streets. There are also several miles of trails to walking.

Learn the benefits of going in the woods together by going to a dog walking trail.

Arkansas Parks

Dog walking is a great way to get out to walk and exercise your dog around the city streets of the cities in the Southeast area. There are many parks and scenic locations for people to stay and walk together. Dog Parks provide fun and opportunities for people to run, train, and meet other people.

Learn the benefits of going in the woods together by going to a dog walking trail.

Boggy Creek Park

The city of Fayetteville has a wonderful dog park that’s the perfect place to go hiking or playing. Boggy Creek Park is located on the city’s south side at the intersection of I-40. Take I-40 south to Fayetteville and turn right on Hwy 30 from there. You’ll see a small white building with a large sign, that sits about 10 feet from I-40.

The sign above it says Dog Park. The building is attached to the parking area of the park on the northwest corner of Boggy Creek Park and Pinchot Trail. This entrance can be accessed by a

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