What should I charge for dog walking? – Pet Care Businesses

There is no fixed number of minutes. In an emergency a minimum of 6 minutes can be a sufficient distance (depending upon the dog). On shorter walks you may have to hike off trail, but if you keep moving you should be fine.

How do I care for my dog?

Barking and huffing are not fun. Your dog will get used to you being there and will come to enjoy it.

How do I prevent bite wounds?

Do not place your dog in your lap.

Always carry your dog on a leash for long walks unless you need to leave it in the car.

Do not allow your dog to be on a large dog park with a crowd.

Do not use too large a dish and make sure you use smaller dishes.

Have some hand wash wipes for your dog to use.

Avoid using anything sticky or strong during the walk.

Wash your dog before you leave the house or home.

Always use a washcloth or towel on your dog before you feed or give it toys and the litter box.

Do not let your dog ride on the back of another dog.

How do I clean my dog?

Biting dog wounds can sometimes be treated with mouth or toothpaste and a dental brushing. Some may need to be flushed, but not if the wound is large.

If you have dental and mouth problems, please note down your medication or your vet’s details.

Be sure to check your dog’s teeth regularly for any problems. Do not flush it.

How do I get more information about dog walking?

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