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In most states, a person owning or hunting with a dog must also obtain a dog license. Some states may require it to have a license that covers your dog.

In some states, a puppy owner must also have a license, though in many states, they are required to obtain one themselves. However, you may be surprised at how broad your state’s regulations are when it comes to dog grooming. Below, you’ll find the state and city in which you can buy your dog license.

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Alabama is one of the very few states where a person owning or hunting with a dog must also purchase a license. This requirement is called “proper identification of animal.” This would normally cover your dog, but you’ll have to bring a certificate showing your family’s dog in the previous three years.


Hawaii has a variety of regulations regarding the grooming and pet care of dogs. Dog owners there should purchase a companion dog grooming license that is valid for at least two years, though some have to possess it for an additional year if their license will expire in a year.

Hawaii requires that dogs be muzzled, restrained, and kept within reach of your hand so as not to cause you discomfort. A kennel or trailer is required, and a license is required if those are a requirement.


Idaho requires a dog license for dog owners who own a dog. The fee can be waived if a person is unable to pay their annual license fee.


Indiana requires a dog grooming license, which is available to anyone who owns a dog in the state. They will issue you one of two types of licenses: one for the dog itself and one for a human family member.


Kentucky requires that a veterinary licensed veterinary technician be present at the time of the grooming.


Maryland does not require a license for a dog, but is in fact the only state in which a licensed medical professional is not required to be present during the grooming.


The MA State Department of Agriculture states that the state requires at least one full-time state employee to be present that day, usually at the time of check-in and grooming.


Michigan requires a $50 inspection fee as part of the annual license. You must have a valid driver’s license, but there is no need to bring one if you are driving your own vehicle.

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